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    KDE - 640x480 Only


    my problem is that i can't find why i cannot use a resolution greater that 640x480 in KDE..

    I use a ATI Radeon 9600XT.

    My XF86Config-4 file appear to be OK, but maybe i forgot something somewhere else.

    It's the frist time i use Linux, and KDE, so i don't know where to look..

    By the way, if i do a "lsmod" the only modules listed is 3c59x.


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    post your XFree86.conf file, and try doing Ctrl+Alt+(+/-) to switch resolutions

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    I had this problem on my Gentoo as well, on an nVidia card. You can edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file under the section "Screen" to set your default resolutions. Here's how I set mine.

    # This section contains information for the default display settings.
    Section "Screen"
         # The identifier is what the screen setup is known as by Xorg.
            Identifier "Screen0"
         # The device is the name of the display device <in this case whatever your Radeon is known as farther up in this file> you wish to use with X.
            Device     "Card0"
         # The monitor is the name of the monitor which X will be displayed on.
            Monitor    "Monitor0"
         # The default depth is the color depth in bits which you would prefer X to be displayed in. 24-bit  color depth is elsewhere known as 32-bit depth for rather stupid reasons. The setting of this variable will direct X to the subsection with the specified depth for display modes.
            DefaultDepth 24
         # This subsection is for 24-bit color depth.
            SubSection "Display"
         # No clue what Viewport does. Just leave it as 0 0.
                    Viewport   0 0
         # Specifies that this is the 24-bit depth display.
                    Depth     24
         # This specifies what resolutions to attempt to run X in, from left to right.
                    Modes  "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600"
    Hope this helps you out!
    --Dachnaz [Fuzzy Llama]

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    make sure your monitor settings are correct as well, especially the vertical and horizontal sync settings, and that you have it set up to handle other resolutions, not only on the graphics card.

    your screen0, and monitor0 within the displace look ok as well, but also check your monitor settings.

    you may want to check another xwm along with kde to make sure that it is not a problem specific to kde on your system, e.g. if it works on fluxbox or enlightenment then it is a kde problem and not an x problem.

    good luck
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