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Thread: XMMs

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    Strange... if i play a cd as root i have no problem.
    If i use xmms as a regular user the cd plays.... but all i hear is static.
    All the settings in the preferences menu are the same and both users are in the audio and cdrom group(if that matters).

    Well....... i had the equalizer controls turned on and apparently my box no likey.
    Works fine if i turn off the equalizer. Fine by me. Wouldn't mind knowing why though.

    Oh also... how to you install mouse themes in gnome?

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    May i sugest upgrading to beep-media-player instead of xmms (it is a fork of xmms) its much more up to date and the EQ works for all files not just mp3 (xmms needs a plugin to do this)

    you can install mouse cursors with emerge.. you can choose from:


    It tells you how to activate them at the end of the emerge (its a very simple one line addition to .xdefaults file)

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