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Thread: Stage 1 or 3?

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    Stage 1 or 3?

    Look this isnt one of those "I am A Newb, Tell ME which stage"

    Umm Ok, yesterday I got gentoo running, 2004.3, problem is it was pissed because 2004.3 is outdated now. Portage wasnt working to good and I couldnt install any packages from my package cd, and the sources were ****** aswell. So, time for a two hour download today for a new gentoo iso, 2005.0. I just want you guys to tell me which stage worked best for you, if you've installed 2005 yet.
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    I haven't installed Gentoo yet, will start later today.
    But, I plan on doing a stage 1 install. But I plan on taking 2 or 3 days to finish this. And I have a 2.8 Ghz Celeron proc and a gig of 3200 DDR SDRAM.

    A stage 3 install won't take nearly as long.
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    I just took a stage 3 install, I ain't too worried of how optimised it is, the default optimalisations are good enough for me, maybe I'll take a stage 1 in the future when I have time... Or if I will try compiling EVERYTHING, maybe I should try LFS ..

    By the way, portage works a lot better with a gentoo-minimal and network connection, I tried without the network and then I just ran into a lot of problems afterwords... Do it over the net!

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    Awww, im downloading universal, 81% done.
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    There is nothing wrong with universial, just do the instructions for minimal (read on gentoo's page with links from the CD), and you can still use the portage-snapshot (as long as you run "emerge --sync" afterwards) and that stage-files on the CD only make download-time smaller. There is allso IRSSI on the CD.

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    excellent, I can chat with my friends on quakenet, #unix and #gentoo
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeMonster
    excellent, I can chat with my friends on quakenet, #unix and #gentoo
    bein able to do that got me thru the install

    There was a couple of bits i wasn't 100% sure bout from the handbook, and the #gentoo guys sorted me out
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