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    Fixed grub, cool ... having eth0 trouble now

    well, fixed grub enough that i can get gentoo to boot
    The LiveCD does a great job detecting my card, pinging, and networking-in-general, but the installed gentoo doesn't seem to have what it needs. If I had to guess, I'd say I need to recompile the kernel, but I don't want to guess 'cause I don't want to say that 'cause I don't want to recompile the kernel.

    Shortcut? moving whatever module the liveCD is using into the installed /lib/modules/..../drivers/net?

    (If anyone's curious, this was the other problem)
    Okay, this is the part of the install where i always get really frustrated, because I always get the grub.conf settings wrong. Setup is
    /dev/hda1 : root part for Gentoo
    /dev/hda2 : swap
    /dev/hda3 : root part for FC3
    /dev/hda4 : boot part for Gentoo (and everything else, I presume)


    title=Gentoo ...
    root (hd0,3)
    kernel /kernel-2.6.11-r6 root=/dev/hda1

    title=Fedora Core...
    root (hd0,2)
    kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.11-1.7_FC3 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet
    initrd /boot/initrd-2.6.11-1.7_FC3.img

    I'm not worried about fedora right now. the specified gentoo kernel is not being found.

    Then I remembered that bit in grub.conf about not having a boot partition, so entries had to look like "/boot/kernel..." So I tried having
    up there at the top

    no improvement

    so i use the livecd and mount /dev/hda1 into /mnt/gentoo
    then /dev/hda4 in /mnt/gentoo/boot
    ('cause it says so here:

    when i do that it looks like the /dev/hda4 stuff (just grub and lost+found) replaces the other partition's stuff -- /mnt/gentoo/boot doesn't have the kernels in it anymore; does that have anything to do with anything?

    (mount point for /dev/hda4 is /boot in fstab)

    If you're curious, the reason my boot partition is /dev/hda4 instead of "1" it's because i was too afraid to move partitions around etc. /dev/hda1 used to have redHat 8 on it.

    All input appreciated. It makes me mad that I've installed half a dozen Lx systems and never mastered this

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    Try typing the command "lsmod" on the livecd. What is the output?

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    Thanks, I went ahead and recompiled the kernel for the sake of practicing. I had, indeed, not compiled in support for my card. I suppose the liveCD runs with support for just about any card?

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    thats true, the livecd supports just about any hardware without having to manually add modules, genkernel is the same which is why it takes so much longer than compilin the kernel yourself.
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