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    Using RPMs or source tarballs from DVD

    Does anyone know if I can tell Gentoo to use RPMs or source tarballs (or that kind of thing) from a DVD whithout just copying everything to portage/distfiles? Possibly get it to scan the disks, and request the disks when I emerge the software - like you can do with RPMs on Mandrake?

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    bit of an odd wat round it and not too sure if it will work or not, but u could mount the cd/dvd onto
    but personally i wouldn't b too sure bout doing that.
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    you can add this to the /etc/make.conf file


    (change it to the location of your dvd)

    be aware that it will only use valid tarballs or rpms that the ebuild asks for! so you cant just download openoffice.1.1.rpm and expect emerge openoffice to work with that file. the file on the dvd has to correspond exactly to that which emerge asks for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentoo Linux Newsletter
    Note: This is an April Fool's joke.

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    Haha, nice april-foul! I just can't forget the one with gentoo porting to the NT-kernel

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