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    I tried removing devfs from the kernel, but received an error during boot. Can't remember exactly what it said now, but it said to add devfs to the kernel because gentoo is designed to us it, and to see the gentoo manual at

    I think the way that I finally managed to solve the original boot problem was by typing 'emerge devfs'.

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    I think the package is called "devfsd"

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    I just went through this problem myslef and it was a case of reading the instructions but looking at the wrong line(s). If you are using the 2.6 series kernel then you'll see the following within the fs menus from make menuconfig...

    (With a 2.6.x kernel)
    File systems --->
    Pseudo Filesystems --->[*] /proc file system support
    [ ] /dev file system support (OBSOLETE)[*] Virtual memory file system support (former shm fs)

    When I read the instructions my eyes locked on the lines that apply ONLY to 2.4 series kernels and I eneabled /dev file system which gave me the error.

    Starting devfsd...
    /sbin/rc: line 271: /sbin/devfsd: No such file or directory

    Rebuilding the kernel with /dev fs unchecked as it should be took care of the problem in my case.

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    Yeah, but I have used devfsd with 2.6-kernel before, as long as you emerge devfsd it should work (you see the error you got means it cant find the devfsd executable, without it it won't work in 2.4 neither if I remember correctly). Personally, I would rather recoomand trying udev for the device nods.

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