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    does gentoo have its own bootloader

    it seems as tho my last post didnt work so im sorry if this is a double post, i am in links2 and need to know if gentoo has its own bootloader. ive always used the fedora one in the past, thx

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    "The Fedora one" is called GRUB.

    In Gentoo, you have the option to use either GRUB or LILO. The documentation has information on setting both up.

    For the record, if you already have a bootloader installed, it is quite simple to simply add another distro to it, with no need to install a new bootloader.

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    no its my new hd. btw where are the bootloaders stored, on the main boot partions, or what. also is there a way to refresh in links2. i had to boot up a uber slow comp to actually c that my posts had posted

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    yes inside the documentation you will find the area where
    you have to decide grub or lilo (i would reccomend grub)

    in chosing this of course then you would have to enter
    #emerge grub

    then i'd reccomend using manual install

    then follow the process and through and make sure you have selected
    the correct location of root and so on and so on

    quite an easy process overall

    hope can be of assistance

    exeqt 05' :P

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    You can refresh in links with ctrl+R

    You can yourself decide where to store the bootloader, the default is in the MBR of the harddrive, but you can also install it on a floppy or at the beginning of the root-partition.

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    ok thx, after my minature data holocost, the boot loader survived. there for im guessing its on my hda1`

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