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    Making a shortcut

    Hello Guyz,

    Im pretty new to the linux game, and needing some help.

    I have 2 dirs

    home/jack and home/brill

    Home/jack has a dir in it called temp that I want to provide a shortcut to home/brill so

    What I want to do is :

    So both users can read, write to the same dir. But the actual folder is contained in home/jack/temp but I want brill to have access to that folder as well can you advise on how to do this?

    how do I make this kind of shortcut?

    Please help, Thanks!

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    Probably a bit of a roundabout way, but hey..

    Create a group, and use chown to set the directory to be owned by jack and that group. Add jack and brill to the group, and give the group rw access to the directory. Then put in this.. ln -s /home/jack/temp /home/brill/temp. I think that should work. If you need help with making the group etc, just say (lazy).

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    Is their anyway I can actually go ahead and force it to mount that link
    what I learned so far is ln -f /home/brill/ /home/jack/temp ( but it says that its not allowed )

    This is what it comes back and tells me:

    ln: `/home/brill': hard link not allowed for directory

    Any ideas? Sorry I dont know all about groups and stuff ( extremely new )

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    -s, not -f. -s is symbolic, anything else is a hard link (directly to the data on the drive, and therefore considered a security risk).

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    so I should do :

    ln -s /home/brill /home/jack/temp ( should that do it ? )

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    If /home/jack/temp is the directory you want a link to, the command is 'ln -s /home/jack/temp /home/brill/temp'.

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    Thanks man your the best...

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    All I then need to do is make it writeable by user brill
    so should I just make it Chmod 777 temp?

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    That would allow other users to access it. If you have GUI tools availble (easier than command line), you can make a group, assign both users to that group (if all you have is kuser, don't use it, it got me in a bad state last time I tried), and then use konqueror or whatever to change the ownership of the directory. Then you can make it readwrite for the group.

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    Ah, ok great, but I only have command line so I dont have much options. but thanks for all your help you have helped tons!!! Your the best..

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