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    Making ISO Image


    I would like to make a backup image of the OS so just in case the HD fails ( god forbid ) then I can open the live cd and restore the image and im backonline. I have a extra HD thats a backup so I can store it on there how would I do this ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Probably wouldn't be making an iso image in this case. If you want to I think Symantec Ghost will let you image an ext3 partition now. It's a good piece of software. It will compress the image down to a gig or two if you're not "ghosting" the user data partitions.

    There are a few open source image projects on Sourceforge, one that sprang to mind is Kasper, but I think it's still alpha. Try Partition image, looks good bu I haven't used it myself -

    Just reading up on it and Ghost does not support ReiserFS as such, but will be able to clone the entire disk as a disk, but will not distinguish or interpret the partitions itself.

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    Thanks for your kind help.

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    native linux software is perfect for the task of backing your system up. if you want to create a liveCD of your system then take a look at catalyst but its not for newbies!

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