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    Installing Software

    I was wondering how you would install software in gentoo, I read that you type emerge "the file name" and then it installs, I kinda of need a little more help

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    To install a piece of software, type:
    emerge <program name>
    To search for a program, type:
    emerge --search <program name>
    Check out
    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Or you can search the Packages Database at:

    Basically, here are the commands you really need:

    emerge --sync
    - Syncs you up with current releases and such, but doesn't actually install anything
    emerge <PACKAGE>
    - Installs the package
    emerge -nuD world
    - Updates all installed packages if an update is available
    emerge --pretend --verbose <PACKAGE>
    - Shows what USE flags would be used if the package was to be installed, also what dependencies would be installed
    And that is Portage in a nutshell.

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    thank you all, that was helpful

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    also there is another web site to search pakcagen on that i like better

    also there is a pkg called 'esearch' and that is a locate type search for pkges it uses a db and the command
    updates it's db and dose 'emerge sync' at the same time
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