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    Help with Samba and ports please

    From what I've heard, Samba uses ports 137-139 to transfer data over a LAN. When I used Fedora, I got ~8MB/s. Right after I installed Gentoo, I'm getting ~2.5MB/s. Those ports are forwarded in my router and in my Windows firewall. Are those ports blocked in Gentoo and how do I unblock them?

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    Well, it is obviously not a question of a port being blocked. If that was it, it wouldn't work at all.

    I'm sorry that I can't tell you what the problem is (since I don't know Samba very well), but if you're looking at blocked ports, you are most likely looking in the wrong place.

    A good place to start might be to check the system load on the Samba server while transferring files. If smbd is taking up 100% CPU time, the server is swapping intensely, you have a load of more than 5, or your hard drives aren't using DMA, that could possibly lead you somewhere.

    In particular, as I said, check so that your hard drives are using DMA. Do this by running invoking hdparm on the hard drive. You may want to check your kernel config also, so that IDE DMA is turned on by default.

    I think that's all I can say without more in-depth information.

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    Awesome thanks. It turns out DMA was off and hdparm -d1 wasn't working. Turns out I forgot to add the SiS chipset support .

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