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    Gigabit networking

    I'm transfering large files from a Linux to Windows machine, but the transfer starts at about 26-28MB/s then shoots down to 7-9MB/s. Could the type of cable I use be doing this? I want to know for sure before I go out and pick up some CAT 5e or CAT 6.

    I've got a Belkin F5D5005 card with the right drivers for it. DMA is enabled on the Linux HDs. What weird is, I try to transfer files from the Windows machine to the Linux and I get slower speeds, say 15MB/s max (the Windows has a SATA and is faster all around).

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    I got a Cat6 cable and now I average 20MB/s which is normal due to HD read/write speeds. One question is, why does the speed drop when I send 15mb .rar files one at a time? When I send a 700MB .iso file it stays constant at about 24MB/s, but when doing the small .rar files it goes 20-10-20-10.

    Also, the HD the files are on is an ext3 partition. Would ReiserFS or XFS help the speeds much?

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