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Thread: LIVE CD

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    So how do I install it ?

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    follow the Gentoo Handbook is the best way to go about installing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdousley
    I think i heard rumnors that the Reiser4 install/Live CD has GUI on it with XFCE/Fluxbox/couple of other WM's.
    Yeah, it's called "lxnay's Gentoo RR4 LiveCD", I am currently using it (without GUI thought) for installing gentoo with reiser4 support on the amd sempron box...
    Here is a gentoo+reiser4 guide: nay's_Gentoo_RR4_LiveCD#Introduction

    And yes, the rumour is true, reiser4 really is fast, and the formatting is about a tenth of the time it used with reiserfs3 8]

    It does include stuff like XFCE, gnome 2.10 and kde 3.4 (and a bunch of other options for fastboot, failsafe, kde with random passwords etc. aswell)

    EDIT: About the first post, actually what CD did you use? Is it 2000.4, or 2004.0 or what?

    EDIT2: Borromini, isn't that command for installing knoppix, not gentoo?

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