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    Quote Originally Posted by whisker
    Quote Originally Posted by unobtanium
    I am in similar situation I am waiting for the Gentoo 2005.1 universal CD to download.
    rats.. just finished 2005.0 install and now thers 2005.1
    that will just be a simple profile change there shouldnt be too much diffrent
    Quote Originally Posted by TauLepton
    Though Gentoo Linux is probably the best distro to take advantage of 64-bit processors, It's certainly not perfect. I've found that a lot of packages are either broken or untested/unstable on amd64. For instance ndiswrapper and the synaptics touchpad utility are both masked, which is quite a pain for a laptop user.
    hehe i run ~amd64 and i can tell you that all the above mentioned pkg's though masked they will work just fine i have them all
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    hehe i run ~amd64 and i can tell you that all the above mentioned pkg's though masked they will work just fine i have them all
    Yeah, I have the synaptics package and it works fine. Still, amd64 isn't quite as convenient as x86 at this point.

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    bootstrapping Gentoo stage 1 for amd64, downloaded and burned iso, booted, and now... bootstrapping ::checks watch::
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    IMO gentoo is the best for amd64 right now, also, I like their 32-bit chroot guide (and the 32-bit chroot init.d script which ensures that things get propperly mounted/bound, also, I've made the bash startup scripts take care of the commands we must run when entering the chroot to make it fully working -- remind me around the 1/10 (since I'll hopefully be running my own machine again) and I'll see if I can make a short howto (using the gentoo howto), it's more or less as simple as adding a few lines to a file )
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