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    Enabling Translucency, KDE3.4, nvidia geforce4 ti4600 -UPDATED

    Well, first system specs, always handy

    Pentium4 2.8, HT, 800FSB (Northwood)
    MSI 865PE Neo2 LS800
    Geforce Ti4600 ( Leadtek/Winfast A250 Ultra TD)
    Creative Soundblaster Live

    Well, i'm using Gentoo-linux, 2.6.12-r8.

    So, I saw this function in KDE (translucency), with what you could fade windows, so I thought, COOL

    First I saw that the 'nv' driver was not going to do the trick, cause I had very low FPS, I think it was rendering the shadows and fades on software.

    So I emerge nvidia-kernel, nvidia-settings, nvidia-glx.
    I Added the 'Composite' 'Enable' under extensions
    I Disabled the Load 'dri' (outcommented), and enabled
    AllowCompositeWithGLX, RenderAccel, and last but not least, changed the "Driver" to nvidia.

    Well, all things whent well , but as soon as I turned translucency on in KDE, and restarted xdm with /etc/init.d/xdm restart. Now, I get the login, well, I type my password *enter* get the loading screen of kde, it all goes well. BUT

    My icons and taskbar etc dont appear ? I'm also not able to start any programs (like ksysguard).

    So, i looked for my logs ...

    First, what happens if I start with startx ->

    Xorg.0.log :

    What happens if I start with /etc/init.d/xdm start

    Xorg.0.log :
    kdm.log :

    Can anyone help me ?

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    Bump. I want to hear what the deal is also. I've been having problems trying to get translucency to work with my nvidia card.

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    Take a look at that wiki entry, it will get you translucency in KDE. It has never failed for me. I have an nvidia card also.

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