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    DNS appears broken [SOLVED]

    I just installed Gentoo on my new acer 5002LMi laptop, and everything works as expected except for DNS. I can ping any IP address I want to, but domain names simply don't work. Here is /etc/resolve.conf:
    #edited to fix my mistake of not including "nameserver" is the IP of my home network's router. I've also tried it without the "search" line. By the way, being a newbie, I don't know what other files could affect DNS. Please help me fix it, or at least tell me where to look!

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    search Router

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    I just found out about dhcpcd overwriting resolv.conf whenever eth0 is running. I modified /etc/conf.d/net It now reads:

    ifconfig_eth0=( "dhcp" )
    dhcpcd_eth0="-h hbraun -G"
    But even with the "nodns" it still overwrites resolv.conf. So I can't change anything.

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    Some more info

    My gentoo installation disk (which can use DNS) is using the exact same settings: DHCP with as the nameserver, no search line, no nothing. But it works! What gives? Right now I'm working around it by looking up IP addresses on another computer and then putting them in my hosts file. In this way I can still get to a mirror and download packages. There's no way my /etc/hosts could be messing up my DNS, is there? Anyway, the next thing I'll try is emerging livecd-tools and using net-setup to configure eth0. Maybe that will automatically deal with whatever is causing this.

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    I've had it using by default to before

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    The problem has fixed itself after I emerged links. It appears that I was missing some package that links depended on, and when it installed it fixed the DNS. Sorry to trouble everybody. Now if I can find out which package it was....

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