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    3com question...

    Hello there, I am running Gentoo kernel-2.6-r3 on an old Pentium 3 Gateway lol. My problem is, I have a 3com nic PCI card on the motherboard. I cannot seem to find what module the nic is and how to load it. I did
    cd /usr/src/linux
    . Then I did
    make && make modules_install
    to configure the 3com nic, my problem is though, I do not know the nic module and when I do find out what it is, I dont remember how to add it. Either
    nano -w /etc/modules.autoload/kernel-2.6
    . If someone could help me find the module of the 3com device as well as help me configure it, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!! :P :P :P [/code]

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    You have Gentoo installed, or are you trying to install Gentoo?

    If it is the first one, and the nic worked during the install, you can boot up with the livecd, chroot into the system, then do "lsmod"

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    when you follow the manual, it tells you to name modules to put in your system. iirc, the device you have is the example it gives.
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    Thank you! That helped : )

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