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    internet problems...this sucks [SOLVED]

    Alright...this is getting really annoying!
    my internet will not work.
    I have the correct drivers installed for my nic
    i had /etc/conf.d/net set to do DHCP (exactly as the handbook told me to) and it yelled at me about netmount not being lost
    i tried static
    config_eth0=( " netmask" )
    routes_eth0=&#40; "default gw" &#41; <- router
    then ifconfig tells me
    inet addr&#58; Bcast Mask
    i try to ping (or anything)
    unknown host
    i try to ping my router
    From icmp_sec=2 Destination Host Unreachable

    any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated

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    i'm assuming that you can't connect to the router for some reason (i don't know if that message means you can see your router or not). maybe your network card is configured incorrectly? i know that was the problem for me, i'd configured two network cards into my kernel and it was trying to use the realtek one instead of my VIA onboard adaptor.
    also if you configured the card in after the first kernel compile that could also cause problems, so try uncompiling the kernel and recompiling and see if that works.
    one last idea i have is that you could be using the wrong protocol to try and connect to the router. eg. PPPoE instead of PPPoA.
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    Doyou have the module for your nic in modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 ?

    For instance I have a Realtek 8139 nic, so I put in there "8139too"
    And that allows me to use the internet.

    Could you post the contents of /etc/conf.d/net ?
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    how about telling us the error message that was "yelled at you"?

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    i cheated and used knoppix to configure the internet for me

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