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    screen resolution in gnome[SOLVED}

    I have searched and read just about every post here and I cannot solve this. I cannot get any resolution other then 640x480 in gnome. I edited my xorg.conf file and set everything to 800x600, nothing changess. I try to run xconfigurator, and there is no file or directory of that name. I have tried the resolution selection in gnome, it is 640x480 and there are no other options. I have ran xorgconfig, and selectred only 800x600, and still I am at 640x480. Can I emerge a package with xconfigurator in it? Is there anything else I can try? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks alot, this is driving my crazy!

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    It isn't a Gnome thing, xorg is read by all your windows managers. Did you select the correct video card drivers? Check in your xorg.conf, I can't remember the name of the setting, but yours might be set to "vga". Not sure if this matters, I'm just going off my setup. On gentoo I have it set as "ati", on Arch it is set as "radeon". I'd assume nVidia is just "nvidia".

    I only wanted to run my screen resolution as 1152x864, so I deleted all other entries in my xorg.conf. The next thing to do is make sure you have the correct horizontal and vertical syncs set properly. Mine weren't so I could never get over 1024x768. To get those settings look up your monitor book. I lost mine so I experimented using another monitor's settings. Sure enough they worked.

    The best thing to do and hopefully you can do it, is press the monitor's settings button. When/If it displays the menu to change your screen colours and orientation, look to see if it displays the refresh rate and vertical/horizontal syncs ranges. If it does, plug the monitor into a computer with Windows. Set the Windows resolution to whateveryou want, then look at the monitor's menu and it will tell you the h/v sync rate. Put those into xorg.conf(you should see the settings for them in the Monitor section). If all goes well it should work.

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    The xconfigurator is named "xorgconfig", and thought juvestar15's guide is good, I would reccomand you to try xorgconfig instead (easier to setup correctly).

    The proprietary nvidia drivers (emerge nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel) is named "nvidia". The open source ones (comes with xorg) is named just "nv". The general driver which works on most cards (but no 3d acceleration) is called "VESA".

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    I picked the intel I810 video card (generic) IT was the only I810 listed. I have went through Xrog.conf MAny times! As well as xorgconfig!
    What about xfree86? Can I emerge that somehow? Will it help? I have a feeling it is because of the generic video (I810) driver. But I don't know what other values to fill in, what to change, or whst else to do. Can I find out more info on the 810, and fill it in myself? What shoulds I look for?

    Any help is really appreciated!!

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    During xorgconfig, did you set 1024x768 pixels available in 24bit mode, and 24bit mode the default?

    Xfree will probably not work any better since xorg is more often updated.

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    I also had an i810, it is there in the intel bit, i know, cos i used it at 1600x1200, so, have a look for it, It must be there.

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    Thanks alot, I searched more and found it!!! SOLVED!

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