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    try building it into the kernel not as a module and with this u may need the firmware or not research it
    below the kernel info on the driver
     CONFIG_ATMEL:                                                                               x  
      x                                                                                             x  
      x A driver 802.11b wireless cards based on the Atmel fast-vnet                                x  
      x chips. This driver supports standard Linux wireless extensions.                             x  
      x                                                                                             x  
      x Many  cards based on this chipset do not have flash memory                                  x  
      x and need their firmware loaded at start-up. If yours is                                     x  
      x one of these, you will need to provide a firmware image                                     x  
      x to be loaded into the card by the driver. The Atmel                                         x  
      x firmware package can be downloaded from                                                     x  
      x <http&#58;//>                                                        x  
      x                                                                                             x  
      x Symbol&#58; ATMEL &#91;=n&#93;                                                                          x  
      x Prompt&#58; Atmel at76c50x chipset  802.11b support                                             x  
      x   Defined at drivers/net/wireless/Kconfig&#58;224                                               x  
      x   Depends on&#58; NETDEVICES && NET_RADIO && EXPERIMENTAL                                       x  
      x   Location&#58;                                                                                 x  
      x     -> Device Drivers                                                                       x  
      x       -> Networking support                                                                 x  
      x         -> Network device support &#40;NETDEVICES &#91;=y&#93;&#41;                                         x  
      x           -> Wireless LAN &#40;non-hamradio&#41;                                                    x  
      x             -> Wireless LAN drivers &#40;non-hamradio&#41; & Wireless Extensions &#40;NET_RADIO &#91;=y&#93;&#41;   x  
      x   Selects&#58; FW_LOADER && CRC32
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    Same response. Is there someway I can test the module when my machine is booted up? I would like to take a look at the error output messages.

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    Just a quick question for those w/the new kernel: Are there any new modules that pertain to any wireless gear? I have been playing around with my kernel in hopes of getting my adapter to work but no dice. I havent gotten around to upgrading my kernel but if they are new network upgrades I'll try and get around to it sooner.

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