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    "Problems have been detected with your world file" [SOLVED], when i ran "emerge sync && emerge -uDN world" this is what happened:
    localhost josh # emerge -uDN world
    Calculating world dependencies   
    !!! Problems have been detected with your world file
    !!! Please run emaint --check world
    Exiting on signal 2[color=blue] (**I quit so i could try to fix the problem**)[/color]
    localhost josh # emaint --check world
    Checking world for problems
    'xfce-extra/xffm-icons' has no ebuilds available
    localhost josh #
    i'm running xfce4, so i'd think xffm-icons would be important to it (atleast to xffm...the file manager).

    what should i do to fix this? is there something seriously wrong, or is "xffm-icons" being replaced with something else? should i be worried? how should i go about fixing this?

    thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    1) The sync went bad, maybe you synced while they were updating the ebuild? Or maybe some files failed to transfer during the sync? Try resyncing.
    2) The icons have moved into another package. Remove it, and try remerging xfce4.

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    1) i tried syncing soon after..i've learned that it does help most of the time. i started worrying when the problem stayed after re-syncing

    2) this more error/warning before updating

    thanks a lot!

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