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    Turning off SMP support in the kernel (genkernel)

    Hi all,

    I have a driver for a wireless card and if SMP is turned on in the kernel then when I assign an IP address to my wireless card the system hangs. I've read that I need to turn off SMP (I think it stands for "support for multi processors").

    I ran the following command "uname -a" and the output said that SMP was being used so i then ran "genkernel --menuconfig all" and deselected SMP in the processor section of menu config. I saved changes to the kernel and it automatically rebuilt the kernel.

    When I rebooted Linux i again ran "uname -a" and it still said that SMP was being used. I then again ran "genkernel --menuconfig all" and this time SMP was deselected. Yet "uname -a" said SMP was still being used.

    How do I remove SMP from my system so when I run "uname -a" it doesnt show SMP as being used so hopefully then I can use my wireless card without it hanging.



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    I've never used genkernel before, but the only thing I can think of would be involving your bootloader options. As in, you're somehow booting from the old kernel.

    Can you post the output of:

    ls /boot/vmlinuz*
    cat /etc/lilo.conf   <-- If you use LILO
    cat /boot/grub/menu.lst    <-- If you use GRUB

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