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    didn't realise X11 was a dependency) I'm now online, and posting this from gentoo!!
    I think this is something new.
    Before when I installed Gentoo and emerged links, I don't remember X11 being a dependency.
    I just installed Gentoo stage 1 on a machine, after getting it to boot, the first thing I did was "emerge links" so I could finish the install using the online handbook. and I noticed that X11 was a dependency. It used totake me less than an hour to emerge links, this tme it was about 2 1/2 hours. What a pain.
    Maybe there is a bad setting in the make.conf file, who knows.
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    The USE="X" setting makes links compile with xorg... Maybe it was disabled by default before (therefore using X only in apps which need it, not those who support it but don't need it)

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