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    networkless install (what do i need?)

    okay, so im looking to do a gentoo networkless install, and i'd like to do a few things.

    1. Partition the drive - I currently have a 30 gigabyte drive with straight up windows installed. I'd like to allocate 50% of my diskspace to gentoo. Are there any native winXP apps that will do this? otherwise, am i able to do this from the gentoo livedisk thingy? As of now my drive doesnt have any special partitions whatsoever.

    2. Install Genoo base - i honestly have no clue how to do this. I beleive i have to do this from the Universal Install disk...... right? I've been told that wireless installs wont work, and you have to have a wired internet connection to install using the minimal install disk.

    3. Install GNOME - I want to get GNOME installed and THEN get my linksys router configured.

    4. Configure Internet from inside GNOME after installation - I want to get internet working after all is said and done as far as ion..... then i can get the packages I want from off the internet, Like developer stuff, an ftp client, GIMP, WINE, the works.

    So basically what i need is a way to partition my drive, instructions on partitioning to make way for gentoo, the Universal CD (am i right?) a GNOME CD (am i right?) and instructions for installing gnome and gentoo. The only problem is, the handbook seems a little complicated.

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    The one and only ansawer to all the above Q's is the gentoo handbook that you will have to read to do the install! and follow it to the letter
    1. yes you will do this with the gentoo livecd(i sugest cfdisk instead of fdisk)
    2,3,4 and any other Q's refer to the handbook it is very well written with all the commands needed for install!
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