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Thread: xdm and twm

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    xdm and twm

    I installed Gentoo Stage 3 on a friends machine.
    He wanted to be able to login to X by default. So I set the inittab file to boot to runlevel 5 and did

    rc-update add xdm default

    Now whenever the machine boots, it will only bring up twm, no kde. No option for which session to choose from. At least not that I can see.
    KDE and Xfce4 are installed.

    So I edited inittab, set it to boot to runlevel 3.
    Created a .xinitrc file, put "exec startkde".

    But it still boots to runlevel 5 and TWM.
    So I did

    rc-update del xdm default

    Now it will boot to command-line and if I use "startx", KDE will start up.

    Does anybody know how I can get this to boot to runlevel and KDE?
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    erm, try setting the inittab to the default runlevel of 3, then
    rc-update add xdm default
    and make sure he has
    exec startkde
    If that doesn't work you might want to look into gdm or kdm instead of xdm.
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    Just a thought: have you emerged xdm? Also, make sure your /etc/rc.conf has the DISPLAYMANAGER="xdm" line.
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