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Thread: Gentoo Exploded

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    Though I'm still having issues, here's what I've found and done:

    Found out my Prescott core has a seperate CFLAG (march=prescott, not march=pentium4)

    Compiled new version of nitro-sources with new CFLAGS.

    Extracted stage-2 tarball

    emerge -vNe world

    The above didn't always work, alot of packages failed. But sometimes if I compile them alone, it works. Other times I have to emerge --depclean, then revdep-rebuild.

    I severely throttled back on my USE flags, until I get everything recompiled for the Prescott core.

    I just ran emerge -vDNua world, and there was nothing left to update.

    But dvdrip, gcc, avifile(some dependency), and gettext(dependency for gcc) all keep failing.

    I'm thinking about formatting tonight...guh. Feels like the days of Windows again.

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    Before I reformat, I'm going to "emerge -C world"...see what happens...might be fun.

    I know there's a file somewhere that allows you to exclude things from being unemerged, where is it? I'm thinking of doing that, but excluding X11, fluxbox, and maybe one or two other things. Then I can add things one-by-one...


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    I would have gone for doing a "emerge sync; emerge -e world" to sync the newest sources, and rebuild everything like in a stage2-tarball.

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    jaboua, my previous post shows that I've done that. well no, I synced the previous day. But half the packages I have won't compile correctly. I can't emerge world again, because it wont work...I'm not sure why it worked this past time...

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    Try compiling with CFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer" or with -Os. -O3 may be unstable in some cases. Also, I belive I heard you shouldn't change your CHOST-settings in stage3? Did you recieve the stage3-tarball with that chost? Also, try FEATURES="-strict"

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    The other thing is that emerge --depclean...stay away from it. You probably uninstalled some library dependencies that cause subtle errors. I've never used --depclean and never will.

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    and if u do --depclean you should follow it with
    to fix reverse dependencies....
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