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    Screen display playing tricks on X

    hi im using the latest kernel and fluxbox with xorg of course. I have an MSI nvidia 6600 card.

    My problem is that X plays nicely for some time (maybe hours) and then randomly (especially when i use firefox + amsn) starts displaying random colors all over

    something like these colors on the pic here

    firefox does not refresh when its brought to focus, neither does any console so i remedy this by restarting xdm but it happens all the time its hard for me to explain it better i just hope someone has had or dealt with the same problem so he can help me fix it.

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    hmmmm the firefox mess....i get this now and then all of x slowing and freezing here and there for a while but i havent had the funny colors but what to do short of restarting X im still figuring it out................

    .but may i ask are u on a lcd or a crt for the monitor( i ask because if a crt that could also be the moniitor starting to faill randomly)
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    thanks for your reply

    its a brand new lcd sony monitor... i think i may have found the problem. im using the default X configuration and not the nVIDIA driver ..i\m trying it today and see if it fixes it


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