hi! i have setup evms on gentoo, but when i boot my system i get the following error

Engine: unable to open the control node for device-mapper. The engine will run without device-mapper support.
Engine: unable to open the lock file /var/lock/evms-engine: read-only file system. The engine is not protected against other instances of the engine running at the same time.
Engine: Error creating the /dev/evms/.nodes directory: Read-only file system
Error returned from evms_open_engine(): Read-only file system
/linuxrc: Mounting /dev/ram0 on /sysroot with no extra options
mount: mounting /dev/ram0 on /sysroot with no extra options
/linuxrc: ERROR: The root volume has not been properly mounted. Starting
/linuxrc: ERROR: a shell. Please mount the root volume manually on the
/linuxrc: ERROR: /sysroot directory. You can do this with the command:
/linuxrc: ERROR: mount -o ro /dev/evms/Your_Root_Volume /sysroot
/linuxrc: ERROR: When you exit the shell, I will attempt to continue
/linuxrc: ERROR: the boot process.
does anyone know how to fix this? running mount does not work because evms_activate can't write to /dev/