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Thread: ndiswrapper

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    im new to gentoo, and fairly new to linux too. ubuntu was my first distro but i really like the concept behind gentoo, si i figured id give it a shot. the only thing is, under ubuntu, i needed something called ndiswrapper to get my wireless card to work. i was wondering how this would be handled during the gentoo install, since i know one of the first things you do in a gentoo install is configure your internet. i just dont think ill be able to do that without ndiswrapper. am i without hope of being able to install gentoo?

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    You can do it how I did!

    Download Knoppix. Knoppix contains ndiswrapper, so you can set that up, which gives you internet access during the Gentoo install. Then, before booting into the Gentoo environment directly, emerge ndiswrapper. When you boot into Gentoo, you can then set up ndiswrapper, and you'll be good to go.

    For instructions on the Knoppix install:

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