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    Have you reiserfs support built in your kernel or as module ???
    Try to recompile your kernel and add all filesystems built-in... It seems your kernel cannot find init script which is usually in /sbin. When you have uncompressed your archive stage, have you add the '-p' option to tar to preserve rights of all files to be uncompressed ? If not, do a chown root:root /sbin/init...

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    Cool fixed-

    ok, the issue has been fixed, but by doing a wipe and re-install

    one thing to keep in mind for future reference:

    the steps in the guide are not as straightforward as could be-- when doing the mount /dev/{device} /mnt/{device} after setting up the file system, only mount the /root (/mnt/gentoo) device, then if you have other partitions which will be linked, make sure to mkdir <b>all</b> of them before you mount them and link (mount /dev/hda# /mnt/usr or /mnt/home or what have you)
    this keeps gentoo from getting confused down the road
    2) verify the contents of the install cd against the current versions of the /distfiles- this is hugely important as not all mirrors have current .iso content and can lead to much hair pulling when emerge can't find a source (because it just isn't there folks!)
    3) map your steps out in a logical progression, check them over twice, then ask someone who has done an install if those steps are what should go on, as the manner in which the guide is organised does not treat most install material in a way in which one can understand right away what one is doing

    I'm sure to some it seems straightforward, and I am sure to some it reads perfectly clearly, but after a few times trying the steps, in order, according to the way they were printed and getting fails, mistakes and out right bombs I can't help but think some of the wording needs a slight revision (or two)

    hope this can be helpful to someone- I'll always be around to answer future questions if need be

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