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Thread: nvidia error

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    Linux User mactabilis's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    nvidia error

    Any 1 got a idear on this,

    # emerge nvidia-glx
    Calculating dependencies ...done!
    >>> emerge (1 of 2) media-video/nvidia-kernel-1.0.6629-r4 to /
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.6111-r3.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.7667.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.7174.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167-r1.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.6629-r4.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.7676-r1.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.7676.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.8174-r1.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.8174.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) nvidia-kernel-1.0.8178.ebuild
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.7174
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167-r1
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.6111-r3
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.6629-r4
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.7667
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/nvidia
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.7676
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.7676-r1
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.8174
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.8174-r1
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/digest-nvidia-kernel-1.0.8178
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/nv_enable_pci.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/vmalloc-reserve.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/nv-pci_find_class.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/nv-remap-range.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/power-suspend-2.6.9-changes.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6111/conftest_koutput_includes.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1162524.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-shutup-warnings.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1171869.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-pgprot-speedup.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1201042.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-pgd_offset.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1161283.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-amd64-shutup-warnings.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1155389.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-vm_flags-no-VM_LOCKED.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-disable-preempt-on-smp_processor_id.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-agp_bridge_data.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1189413.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/nv-fix-memory-limit.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1175225.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1165235.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-1182399.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.6629/conftest_koutput_includes.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/ tch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7167-disable-preempt-on-smp _processor_id.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7167-1233959.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7167-amd64-shutup-warnings. patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7167-conftest-koutput-inclu des.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7167/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7167-1237815.patch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7667/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7667-KERNEL_VERSION-moved.p atch
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7676/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7676-1321905.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7676/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7676-1359015.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7676/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7676-1361053.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7676/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7676-1386866.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.7676/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-7676-1392404.diff
    >>> md5 files   ;-) files/1.0.8174/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-8174-1423627.diff
    >>> md5 src_uri ;-)
     * Determining the location of the kernel source code
     * Found kernel source directory:
     *     /usr/src/linux
     * Found sources for kernel version:
     *     2.6.12-gentoo-r6
     * Could not find a usable .config in the kernel source directory.
     * Please ensure that /usr/src/linux points to a configured set of Linux sources .
     * If you are using KBUILD_OUTPUT, please set the environment var so that
     * it points to the necessary object directory so that it might find .config.
    !!! ERROR: media-video/nvidia-kernel-1.0.6629-r4 failed.
    !!! Function linux-info_pkg_setup, Line 526, Exitcode 1
    !!! Unable to calculate Linux Kernel versio

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    isn't this simply saying that you didn't compile your kernel yourself? I vaguely remember something like this (on something else), and ended up having to compile my own kernel (which leaves a config file hanging around) before it would install itself.

    have fun

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    Linux User mactabilis's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Thats strange i did do a manual kernel.

    I hope theres a easy way to correct this.

    Looking at it it seems that it cant find my kernel 2.6.12-gentoo-r6,
    When i done a ls -a in /usr/src/linux there was a .config in there but when i done a nano .config it was empty hmm.

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    Linux User PsypherPunk's Avatar
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    i'm not sure if the command is available outside SuSE but 'make cloneconfig' creates a .config based on the current kernel's setup (i always got this error until someone on this board kindly pointed out this command).
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    Linux User mactabilis's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    make: *** No rule to make target `cloneconfig'. Stop.

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    Just Joined! biosx's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Interesting. If you compiled your own kernel, then you should have a config file that was used (unless you deleted it for some reason).

    Can you post the dir listing of /usr/src/linux? Maybe the config file was renamed.

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    Linux User mactabilis's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    # ls -a /usr/src/linux
    .              Kbuild          crypto   kernel                  scripts
    ..             MAINTAINERS     drivers  lib                     security
    .gitignore     Makefile        fs       linux-2.6.12-gentoo-r6  sound
    COPYING        README          include  mm                      usr
    CREDITS        REPORTING-BUGS  init     net
    Documentation  arch            ipc      patches.txt

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    Is there a file /boot/config-2.6.12-gentoo-r6? Or something of that sort?

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    Linux User mactabilis's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    There is 1 yes.

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    Linux Enthusiast gruven's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    After you have mounted boot, try this:
    cd /usr/src/linux
    cp /boot/config-2.6.14-gentoo-r6 .config
    That will work if that is what your config file in boot is named. If it isn't named that, then just replace that with whatever you named it.

    If you want to recompile your kernel, you would do a
    make oldconfig
    make && make modules_install
    after you have copied your config file over. That will give you the same options as you have selected for your previous kernel.

    Or, as a secondary option, you could enter your kernel source directory (/usr/src/linux), do a "make menuconfig", exit, and save your config. That will create a config file based on what is already selected. Then see if your emerge works.

    BTW, on a side note, if I were you and had a recent nvidia card, I would unmask the newest drivers and use them instead of the 6629s. They are kinda old, and outdated. They work well with the older cards, but the new drivers (8*** series) offer more of a performance boost with any kind of a recent nvidia card.

    To do that, you would do this:
    touch /etc/portage/package.keywords
    echo "media-video/nvidia-kernel ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
    echo "media-video/nvidia-glx ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
    emerge -av nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel
    If you already have the /etc/portage/package.keywords file, then touch will give you a "file exists" error, but that is ok. Just as long as that file is there, it will work.

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