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    how to access local drive using a live cd


    how do you access local drive using a live cd?.


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    just mount it, then access it. e.g. mount -t somefs_type where some_mountpoint etc.... read man mount for more info.
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    thanks a lot for the tips. now i can access my local ntfs drives.

    what i need to do now is to move the contents of the local drive off to a host over the network.

    but the live cd doesnt seem to have ftp or the like that i can use to move files. i cant add another drive to copy files to.

    how do you copy files over the network when i dont have nfs or ftp?


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    Are you using the Gentoo LiveCD for this?

    You might take a look into Knoppix or some such thing that has more applications. I'm sure that Knoppix has FTP, and it probably has NFS as well.

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    Try samba. If you want to send the files to a windows machine then just mount the share using samba. If you want to send the files to a linux computer then just setup a share using sambe and then mount to it. Also you might want to try scp or rcp. Do a man on them to see if the live cd has them and also to learn how to use them.

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