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    df -h command after unsuccessful extract of tarball

    Filesystem size used avail% use mounted
    Empfs 248m 248m 0 100
    /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 680m 680m 0 100 mnt/cdrom
    /dev/loop/0 42m 42m 0 100 mnt/livecd
    udev 248m 720k 247 1
    Cachedir 42m 42m 0% 2
    tmpfs 248 24 244 2
    tmpfs 248 3.4m 248 0
    /dev/sda3 37g 0 35% 1% /mnt/gentoo
    dev/sda1 38m .1m 32m 12% /mnt/gentoo/boot

    status of sda3 and sda1 after untarring but did not untar the whole thing it gave error'' could not write no space on device''but sda1 & 2 have enough space.what's the problem?

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    where exactly are you in the install process?

    I believe if you haven't chrooted yet then df-h won't give you anything useful because your still in the "live" environment.

    make sure you dowload the md5sums and check the tarball then retar it.
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    You should put this reply in your original thread, instead of creating a new one, just copy and paste your reply and do a "post reply".

    Then ask a moderator to delete/lock this thread.

    p.s. where does it say that sda2 is not full?
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