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    stuck on vesafb: scrolling: redraw

    so i just installed gentoo last night, my first linux install, and everything seemed to be going alright except that when i rebooted, it got stuck on the line "vesafb: scrolling: redraw". i used the genkernel, and don't currently have any video settings in grub...i'm not sure if i need them, i just did it the way the handbook said to. any ideas short of making my own kernel?

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    Boot up the LiveCD on that machine, mount the partitions again, chroot, and run genkernel --menuconfig all. When you are at the kernel configuration menu go to
    Device Drivers --->
    Graphics support --->
    VESA VGA graphics support
    VESA driver type --->
    The VESA driver type that you have selected now should be vesafb-tng, change that to just vesafb. After that press ESC a bunch of times until you get a menu asking if you want to save your new kernel configuration, simply hit yes and follow the rest of genkernels instructions.

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