here is my problem: i have installed tightvnc. well, it works ok with one exception. whe i try to connect through vnc to gentoo machine i can't connect to display X:0 only to display X:1(so i have open vnc ports 5801, 5901). i know that when i type vncserver in console it looks for the first free X session, so in my case it found that X:1 is the first free. i tryed to start vnc server with vncserver :0 but it says: vncserver :0
A VNC server is already running as :0
it looks that i have a vnc server started in X:0 but when i give a scan with nmap from another computer it says that i don't have any open vnc ports. starting server with vncserver command opens a vnc session in X:1 and the nmap it says that i have open 5801 and 5901 ports. any ideas? thx.