Hello all,
I am a newbie in apache, less than 2 weeks of experience. I am
trying to protect one of my directory in the web server with Basic
authentication. I am using Gentoo Linux with apache-2.0.55. I see that auth_module is loaded as a Module. I have configured the Virtual Host like this. The problem is that the login dialog box never appears in the browser and the web page is immediately displayed. The configuration I used is (from etc/apache2/httpd.conf):

user backuppc
group backuppc
<VirtualHost anaconda.localhost.com:80>
       DocumentRoot /var/www/localhost/cgi-bin/BackupPC
       ServerAdmin root@anaconda.localhost.com
       ServerName anaconda.localhost.com
       ErrorLog logs/anaconda.localhost.com-error_log
       CustomLog logs/anaconda.localhost.comaccess_log common
       <Directory /var/www/localhost/cgi-bin/BackupPC>
               Options FollowSymLinks
               Options +ExecCGI
               AuthName "Tiger Login:"
               AuthType Basic
               AuthUserFile /usr/local/etc/htpasswd
               Require user libregeek
I am able to run the same setup in my Fedora Core 4 server. But it fails in the Gentoo Server. I can't get what had gone wrong. I searched the MARC archives, but couldn't find a workable solution.
Please help me. I am in great trouble.

I can't find anything wrong in either syslog or apache log. Any help
would be appreciable.