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    win32codecs USE flag not working for mplayer on amd64

    Pleese help i'm tring to emerge mplayer with win32codecs but despite entering win32codecs USE flag in /etc/make.conf or /etc/portage/package.use emerge -p -v mplayer dosn't show that it will be emerged with it and after realy emerging it some wmv videos dosn't work . I'm litle newbie and tried loads of things but still it dosn't work, can anyone help? I'm runnig on amd64 architecture. thanks

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    you need to emerge the mplayer-binary package because the win32codecs only work on a 32 bit compiled version of mplayer; in other words they can't work with the 64 bit version of mplayer.

    USE=win32codecs emerge -va mplayer-bin
    note: you probably need to unmerge mplayer first

    emerge -C mplayer
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    lib64 issues

    As far as I can tell, mplayer and mplayer-bin co-exist nicely. Mplayer looks for the win32 codecs to be installed in /usr/lib/win32, but /usr/lib symlinks to lib64, not lib32. I gave a symlink at /usr/lib64/win32 pointing to /usr/lib32/win32, but so far, no luck finding most win32 codecs. (Some .asx and .asf files play, etc)

    Maybe you'll have better luck

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    did you enable the asf USE flag for mplayer? Some wmv files etc will no longer work without this (relatively) new USE flag. You may wish to give that a try

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    Thanks for suggestions

    i started using mplayer-bin its 32-bits, its not as good performance as 64-bit but still its fine. With USE flags i figured out that some of the work inly for specific architecture. Thanks again for suggestions.

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