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Thread: Gentoo Hopeful

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    Gentoo Hopeful

    Can anybody help?

    I am trying to install Gentoo 2006 on a pc. I have partitioned the hard drive into 3 sections. Whilst downloading and unzipping the tarball I started to get error messages saying not enough space. What is the typical partition setup for a hdd?

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    Did you take a look at the Gentoo Handbook?

    It has a chapter on "preparing the disks":
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    I seem to remember having this problem... the solution was that i wasn't extracting the tarball to the mounted filesystem. At some point you will have mounted the root filesystem to /mnt/gentoo (assuming you're followig the handbook ok) and then you will need to download the tarball and extract to /mnt/gentoo. the simplest way to ensure this i found is to download it straight to /mnt/gentoo, and then extract from there.
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    since you shouldn't be browsing the web as root, you can use the -C option with tar:
    tar xvf stage3-arch.tar.bz2 -C /mnt/gentoo
    or wherever you mounted gentoo and whatever your stage file is called. it's all explained in the manual
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