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Thread: Display Problem

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    Display Problem


    I'm a total n00b to Linux, i've just finished setting up gentoo i'm now on the 3rd kernel and have got xorg working...kind of

    Problem 1:
    when I type xinit the screen says signal out of range and gives H and V frequencies. After I set to use these frequencies I discovered switching of and on my LCD monitor let me see the gnome screen.

    I would like to fix the having to turn on and off the monitor but more irritatingly I am stuck in 640x480 mode.

    Problem 2:
    It's kind of strange the screen is running at 1280x1024 but gnome is running within a letterbox in the middle that is 640x480. I tried to change the settings from within gnome but it only had 640x480 and 60Hz.
    I have been experimenting with different kernel options to see if the problem is due to my console being 640x480 but I haven't had much luck i used
    but the console still starts in 640x480 mode
    Dunno if this helps at all but when i run X -config /root/ and turn on and off my monitor the xorg box fills the screen but the mouse dosen't work?!

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    just solved my letterbox problem!!

    Hadn't realisied that xorg looks in the x11 dir for xorg.conf I had thought the /root/ was the one it read.

    Anyway all up and running but I still have to turn off and on my monitor every time I run the xserver.

    Anyone know why?


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    When you create, do you change /etc/X11/xorg.conf accordingly?
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    check the sync ranges for your monitor (if you google the name you should be able to get something, hopefully).
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    i had a hunt and found the settings for my monitor but it still happens. It seems to be when i start up x the display mode is set out of range.

    All the changes I made were directly to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file

    Does gnome or x11 have a automatic screensaver/power option?
    when i leave the system idle for a while it will begin complaining about signal out of range. I can fix it by resetting my monitor but it's annoying..

    Just for anyone with the same prob I believe it was an issue with the default "nv" drivers I installed the nvidia legacy drivers and hey presto no stupid out of range error. Sadly i still get it if i leave the system idle think that must be a gnome problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuzo
    ...i still get it if i leave the system idle think that must be a gnome problem
    Can you try this out with any other window manager (say fluxbox or KDE) and post us the results/outputs? Also post Xorg.0.log or the error messages it gives while X is up/starting (you can see them either in the log or when you stop X --example when pressing ctrl+alt+backspace).
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