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    Need suggestions on how to install KDE

    I have never installed KDE, I usually use Gnome or Fluxbox but I want to try something different. I was reading the KDE Install How-to for gentoo and it talks about ther different ways to install kde. I could use "emerge kde" and get the normal install but prob with stuff I dont want, need or use. I could use the "emerge kdebase kdeadmin.....etc" and select certain packages but the people at #gentoo say that it might cause me issues later with missing packages and then I noticed a kdebase-startkde. Says "If you want a basic KDE installation, install kdebase-startkde. You can always install additional KDE applications when you want." I am not sure which road to follow. I want to do this right the first time. Could anyone give me some insight?

    heres the link btw:

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    Hi murph1083,
    Read the installation instructions given on KDE's website : -

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    I've done emerge kde several times on different machines (I rent laptops at school =P ), and I've never had an issue with the install; so that's just a few good experiences that emerge kde has going for it.
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    I use the split ebuilds, and that is what gentoo is going to (and also kde I believe). There are meta-packages to get the whole of what you want. Do a search on for "-meta" and see what you like.

    That will allow you to only install what you want. If you want to go even deeper, then you can install only programs that you want or need. I just like the metapackages though.

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