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Thread: which iso?

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    thank you, I just do this from the Terminal or what?

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    Correct. All of the tools you need should be on the LiveCD.

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    ok i might have misunderstood something but when i boot up i dont have the password for root so i just waited for the countdown to finish then it booted into the desktop enviorment

    well i went to
    4. Preparing the Disks

    then i am told to fire up fdisk

    gentoo@livecd ~ $ fdisk /dev/hda
    bash: fdisk: command not found

    now that i look at it the terminal doesn't seem to read any commands.. does the same thing with poweroff command. Should I just use another liveCD or am I doin this wrong? I also couldn't find the terminal app in the menu so i ran the text installer then choose a new tab.

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