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    Failed install , how do i continue?

    Hi there, i thought i finally summed up the courage to install gentoo having been with mandriva. I'm installing from the 700mb bootable cd with the GUI installer. all went well for 24hours while it emerged kde etc.... then i woke up this morning hoping it had emerged the 145 packages it needed only to find it says that the install has failed with the following output:

    >>> Downloading
    => `/usr/portage/distfiles/xine-ui-patches-2.tar.bz2'
    Connecting to||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
    03:12:29 ERROR 404: Not Found.

    !!! Couldn't download xine-ui-patches-2.tar.bz2. Aborting.
    >>> emerge (1 of 1) media-video/xine-ui-0.99.3-r1 to /
    Exception received:
    EmergePackageError :FATAL: emerge: Could not emerge media-video/xine-ui-0.99.3-r1!
    Please submit a bug report (after searching to make sure it's not a known issue and verifying you didn't do something stupid) with the contents of /var/log/install.log and /tmp/installprofile.xml and the version of the installer you used

    Could someone tell me how i can resume from where its failed and sidestep another 24 hours of compiling? BTW the net connection is working fine as this is how i am typing this message

    Much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick82
    Try another mirror perhaps, given that the file is just not there.
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    If you find that a package has failed, and doesn't look like a critical package, then simply type
    emerge --resume --skipfirst
    That will let it continue with the list, and you can go back and compile that one later.

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    Shall i close the install window? Does the install script do any final checks before it reboots the system after all the emerging is done? I'm scared it may not boot as the installation has not finished.

    Also, where should i type the new emerge command? once the system has booted into gentoo?

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    I would suggest to begin a fresh install and this time don't use the GUI installer. It sucks and has been reportedly notorious. Try a stage 3 tar ball. It would be awesome if your Mandrake install is still there. You can use it to build gentoo and remove the Mandrake install later.
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