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    Newbie: Which minimal Gentoo for CF and Bluetooth?

    Need suggestion on which Gentoo configuration (and how to build it) would be appropriate for an EPIA-8000 based, no keyboard/mouse, no screen box with a bluetooth USB dongle. The Gentoo should boot from a compact flash card as the box has no hard disk, no CD.
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    In order to get Gentoo to boot from a CF card you probably need to include CF support in your kernel configuration. It is under device drivers to compile MMC/SD. You will also have to figure out what Linux calls the CF drive (i.e...for HDD /dev/hda) in order to make GRUB and LILO boot off of it. In order to get Bluetooth working you need to include bluetooth in the kernel under Network in the configuration. I have everything selected to ensure it works with all my devices. Also, don't forget to include USB in the drivers section. If you dont' know which USB chipset your box uses I would select all of them. (it doesn't take that much longer to compile even on my old PIIs.) Refer to for more information on setting up bluetooth devices. Gentoo won't complain if you don't have a mouse and keyboard connected on boot so no need to worry about that; however, a couple of my machines' BIOS's will not allow them to boot without a keyboard, and unless you can enable keyboardless operation in the BIOS I haven't found a way around it. Refer to the Gentoo handbook for kernel comilation and installation help. Also, if you don't have a keyboard be sure to emerge an ssh server and if you want a web configuration tool, emerge webmin.

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