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    portage: is it all free?

    I'm considering picking up linux as a second OS, was browsing over the Gentoo portage list and noticed that they had things like doom 3, unreal tournament, nwn...i dont understand how these can be available for free. are they illegal, or hacked versions or something?

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    Nope, portage is completely legal. The packages that obviously aren't free such as UT, and Doom 3 require you to type in your CD key or some such thing. Some packages require you to place specific files in places to ensure you have it legally.

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    In the case of the Doom, Quake, and Unreal series (and probably others), what you'll get is the engine that's freely available from the game publishers' sites, only the Gentoo community has packaged it up nicely so you don't have to go mucking about witn .bin or .run files. You'll still need your retail CD/DVD so you can copy the game's main contents onto your hard drive--they're the restricting factor.
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    You would rather like to view a portage tree as a "package manager". It will tell you what "installer files" you might need and it will fetch them as long as they are free. In case they are not it will prompt you so and you will have to purchase the rights to use the software.
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    Also with the UT and Doom3 thing they put in Mods for the games to and updates for the games for you easily install them.

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    just try and emerge some of the packages and see what happens. seeing it is easier than explaining it.
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