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    Windows, Linux Limbo.... i need help:P

    SO, i'm kinda a begginger to linux, more like intermediate. but anyway here is what i did...

    I installed Gentoo, but all of a sudden i need to get into windows to do some stuff. So i reboot, and GRUB only shows.. Linux.

    So i tell it to boot into linux so i can find a solution.. and then linux has some weird error and it doesn't want to boot. So i'm stuck without an OS.

    So THe way i'm set up i have 2 hard drives, one with Windows and one with Gentoo. SO i took out the Gentoo hard drive, hopeing that windows would boot.

    BUt lo and behold The boot files are on my main windows drive, so Grub just gives me an error and i can't boot into windows

    SO i'm stuck without any os. Right now all i need is to get into windows, with all the files on my hard drive, i need them. I was thinking about putting my hard drive into another computer finding the GRUB bootup files and deleting them so that windows will boot up normally...

    So A) will Deleting the grub file make windows boot up normally?
    and if so B) where are the grub files?

    Hope you guys can help, and i hope my question makes sense. i need my windows files badly. Many Thanks

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    Not sure this will work, but if it doesn't you won't be any worse off than you are now.

    To remove GRUB, boot with a Windows emergency boot disk and run: fdisk /mbr


    Boot with the Windows XP installation CD and from the recovery console type: fixmbr

    Doing either one should rewrite the MBR allowing you to reboot directly into Windows.

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