Hi there,
After booting miniiso to install gentoo (and adding doscsi to the bootloader - i have scsi disk wich needs aic7xxx module) gentoo is up and then in /dev directory i can see my /dev/sda3 root partition.
I've installed gentoo on my disc, and configured kernel by genkernel.
I've configured grub like my desktop pc (root=/dev/ram0 real_root=/dev/sda3)
After rebooting (and adding doscsi) initrd runs ok, modules are probing and after probing all modules suddenly stops and asking for root device because it can't find /dev/sda3 device - i type shell and i have this busybox shell - there i really can't find sda in /dev ... i have aic7xxx probed - i'm sure.
Don't know what to do with this...

in kernel i have aic7xxx as module, scsi_disk, scsi_generic, buslogic included in kernel.