Hi folks,

After the failure on installing Gentoo by running "install-amd64-minimal-2006.0". I wiped out the HD and started again. This time I ran "install-amd64-minimal-2006.1", the lastes version. However I encountered problem on networking, Internet access.

"adsl-setup" is not working on this version, instead, pppoe-setup taking its place. After connecting broadband and working a while, Internet can't be accessed for unknown reason.

# pppoe-status"
still showing it was connected. But ping URL and IP address failed.

# pppoe-start
pppoe-start : there already seems to be PPPoe connection up (PID 12139)

# pppoe-stop
Killing pppd (12583)
Killing pppoe - connect (12139)

# pppoe-start
never connected broadband again, unless reboot PC.

After reboot and working a while the same problem reoccurred. Please assist. TIA