Hi there,
Firslty let me comment ont all the help that members of this site give to the new or unsure members around here, It really is good to see and read.

A question that i have, Im trying to through myself off the deep end and install Gentoo to learn a bit, however i can't get very far.

I am trying to run on a AMD K6, 3... 3 hundred something ram (its an odd figure) I initially though that i would need the live cd AMD64 version. But i figured through reading other posts (after finding it didnt work) that i have a 32 bit CPU. I have also the i686 version of the Live CD, This starts booting, Does the whole
'Loading gentoo.................................."
"loading gentoo.igz................................"
And then restarts with no explanition. Am i doing something wrong or do i have an incorrect package.

Any help would be greatly recived, Thanks in advance.

I have found that Neither of these will work with my System, and that i need the Minimal cd x86 version. I got that and Burnt it, when running it it starts loading the interface (yay) and stops on
"Booting (initramfs)"
I am confident that i now have the correct ISO, but am confounded as to why it will not work. Help! Please.