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    [solved]Power Saver mode


    I am having this problem in xorg:- After being idle for a specified time the monitor should go into power saving mode (one which shows amber light instead of green) but my monitor does not. What should I do so that it does so (as in settings in xorg.conf or something else)?

    Related Info:- Window Manager = WindowMaker.

    Thanks for all help in advance.
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    Ok somebody got that for me so posting that solution for the benefit of others.

    In /etc/X11/xorg.conf add option "dpms" under section monitor
    Section "Monitor"
      Option "DPMS"
    Then in the same file add under Section "ServerLayout" this:
    Section "ServerLayout"
      Option "BlankTime"  "5"
      Option "StandbyTime"  "10"
      Option "SuspendTime"  "0"
      Option "OffTime"  "15"
    I think the names and all are quite self-explanatory. This works on my comp. Till now didn't get any problems execpt that while playing realplayer my screen blanks if left idle. mplayer has no probs. Working on that currently and any help is most welcome.

    Edit:- I don't think it has anything to with my window manager. I am not sure if some options in kdm/gdm will override these since I don't have these installed no way to check them...people can try it though.
    "There is no sixth rule"
    --Rob Pike
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