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    Automatic downloading and make.conf


    My problem is that I have access to a partial portage server on my LAN(i.e. it has only few basic files on it). So whenever I have to emerge it asks me that a file was not found on the server. I then access that file from another ftp server which although not on my LAN is quite fast because of a proxy I use. It does not support rsync. What changes should I make to the FETCHCOMMAND in my /etc/make.conf?

    Thanks in advance.

    Current make.conf
    blah blah
    FETCHCOMMAND="rsync rsync://\${FILE} ${DISTDIR}"
    Specifically what command do I use to download a file from an ftp without it asking me for a password. (I think scp will ask for a password even in case of anonymous login). Currently the ftp server does not ask me to login.
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    I can't quite tell what you want. Are you stuck behind a proxy that blocks all rsync traffic? If not, you should use a global rsync mirror, unless the one on your LAN is kept complete and up-to-date. rsync is used for updating the portage *tree* -- the list of all packages and their ebuilds. The LAN server would be used for actually fetching a package if it happens to be available there. You can use mirrorselect to pick your mirrors (you may have to emerge it first):

    mirrorselect -iF (to pick ftp mirrors)
    mirrorselect -iH (to pick http mirrors)
    mirrorselect -ir (to pick rsync mirrors)

    Then edit your make.conf, and add in the LAN mirror at the beginning of the GENTOO_MIRRORS list. That way it will look for packages on the LAN first, then go to the web if they're not there.

    You shouldn't need to specify a FETCHCOMMAND.

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    Thanks a lot. That surely is a better way.
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